Develop Interpersonal Skills and Presence

Hi, I am Swati Khede. “IAnd my customised Training and Coaching Programs will help you develop interpersonal skills and presence to achieve more success fast. 

I will help you to-

→ make great positive impressions consistently, 

→ lead teams more efficiently, and

→ drive execution of business strategies effortlessly.

Whether you own a business or you are working in a company, you will benefit immensely from Executive Presence and Interpersonal Skills Development Training. You will get behaviour science-based proven tools and techniques that will help you to improve your visibility, and increase your influence and credibility.

Consequently, it will be easier for you to build your reputation, inspire trust, and create a positive impact in all meetings, events and circumstances.

Are you ready to set yourself up for more success in your career or business?

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Why Interpersonal Skills Development Matters?

Developing interpersonal skills can help you in one or more of the following ways:

Lead with Influence and Become a Better Boss

There is little doubt that employees leave the bosses who fail to demonstrate interpersonal competencies such as effective listening, handling encounters well, giving constructive feedback, leading without authority, etc.  

The business cost of poor interpersonal Intelligence is huge.

On the other hand, bosses who are interpersonally skilled are more successful and more effective in executing business strategies through people. 

So, you must develop interpersonal skills and executive presence to become a better boss.

Achieve the Raise and Promotion You Deserve

The rules of work are changing. You are being judged by a new yardstick: not just by your expertise, but also by how you present yourself and engage with others.

And no matter what industry you work in currently, this yardstick is increasingly applied in choosing who would be passed over and who would get promoted.

Of course, you must cultivate interpersonal skills and presence are to skyrocket your success in the workplace.

Navigate smoothly at the Newly Promoted Level


Transitioning to a senior role is an exciting opportunity that comes with few challenges too. It isn’t just your title and work responsibilities that change. Your identity also evolves.

You can’t simply announce a new plan to your subordinates, peers, and superiors; you also need to persuade them to take it seriously. Though you may have a formal authority to make decisions, allocate resources, and direct employees, your team members won’t do something just because you tell them to do so.  And like it or not, your title will not make it easier for you to implement your ideas. 

By contrast, when you develop interpersonal skills and enhance your presence, you speak with persuasive power and authenticity. Also you connect with your team at a deeper level. Consequently, your team willingly chooses to work with you, puts forth the best effort, and you are more likely to achieve higher levels of team performance.

Enhance your High Quality Network

Success in today’s world takes more than technical expertise.

You need competencies such as social skills, networking skills and relationship building skills to thrive, not just survive, in the increasingly turbulent and competitive market of the future.

Make a lasting positive impression on others

To achieve more success quickly in today’s world, nothing is more important than improving your visibility, and credibility, and building better professional relationships.

About Results and WellBeing Initiatives

Results and WellBeing Initiatives is a boutique consultancy devoted to Interpersonal Skill Development Training and Executive Presence Coaching.

We enable and empower managers, entrepreneurs and other high potentials across industries to improve visibility, create positive impact, enhance credibility, and build better professional relationships to achieve more success in career or business.

Our training and coaching programs draw from the best practices of Behavioural and Developmental Stage Sciences, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Neuroscience, and advanced coaching methodologies so you can up-level your interpersonal interactions, increase your influence, and reach the next level in your career or business in double quick time.

Online Interpersonal Skills Training

Interpersonal skills are a critical part of effectively managing and leading others. They determine the quality of your professional network, and what you can get done with and through other people.

Whether you own a business or you are working in a company,  you need excellent interpersonal skills and a strong executive presence to gain a winning edge, get things done, and inspire trust even under difficult circumstances. So, go here to see details of and join our signature Interpersonal Skills Training Course to maximise your impact and magnify your presence.



Corporate Leadership Training Solutions

We offer experiential on-site training programs that help managers become more effective in their role. Our focus is on the higher-order interpersonal skills that managers use daily to understand, communicate with, motivate and influence others, and resolve conflicts in goal-directed organisational settings.

If you are looking for leadership seminars and workshops to enhance people management skills, and leadership competencies of aspiring and experienced managers in your team, connect with us.

Please fill the contact form to submit an enquiry or browse through our portfolio of experiential workshops for executives and managers at all levels.

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