Interpersonal Skills Training to enhance your Personal Impact and Presence.

There’s a reason why most successful executives and leaders focus on creating a powerful presence and making consistent positive impressions. They are really interested in upgrading their soft skills to be able to radiate confidence and inspire trust even under difficult circumstances. So here’s our flagship interpersonal skills training program to help you magnify your presence through confident, courageous, and conscious communication, and make every interpersonal interaction outstanding.

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Program Outline


Online, in-person sessions personalised to participants’ needs and aspirations.


Two 45 minute interactive learning sessions per week for three months.


Experiential techniques to get participants to try and practice new behaviours.


Based on your specific needs, aspirations and desired outcome from the program-

– Career Coaching to get promoted to the next right career position quickly, or

– Leadership Coaching to lead with compassion and collaboration, or

– Interview Coaching to gain confidence to crack interviews successfully.

Key Takeaways


✓ Build an authentic presence and radiate more confidence.

✓ Be the most memorable person in the room.

✓ Avoid socially awkward moments. Know what to say and how to say it.

✓ Pitch yourself with charisma for better opportunities.

✓ Be heard without being too loud.

✓ Present yourself with purpose and power.

✓ Achieve more success in your career and gain more respect in the workplace.

Who Should Attend Interpersonal Skills Training?

Managers, Senior leaders, C-Suite executives, and other high-potentials who want to stand out by being able to project confidence and charismatic presence must attend this online interpersonal skills training.

Our interpersonal skills training program is particularly useful for individuals who wish to:

 *change behaviour or image after difficult feedback and get a winning edge

*contend to assume greater responsibilities, and be taken seriously in the workplace.

* excel professionally by addressing specific challenges such as needing to deliver high-stakes presentations with confidence, develop stronger relationship-building skills, navigate workplace politics and challenging conversations, etc.

Benefits of Attending the Interpersonal Skills Development Course


Here’s how you benefit when you join the Interpersonal Skills Development program-

« Get hands-on practice to communicate with clarity and effectiveness in any conversation by matching your verbals and non-verbals. Know what your non-verbals are saying and manage it to send out the right signals. 

« Learn easy-to-follow, science-based tools for working with different personality types, developing trust, inspiring people to work, and handling workplace issues more creatively and confidently.

« Get the roadmap to build your desired self-image and reputation, enhance your visibility, and get noticed by your peers, colleagues, superiors, and people who matter the most.

« Find yourself able to eliminate fear, anxiety, and self-doubts while networking, managing, and interacting with others.

« Master your people skills and generate more options and choices for getting the right work done without appearing submissive, micro-managing, or over-dominating.

« Benefit immensely from the personal development tools to close the gap between today and your future career goals and aspirations.

Additional Support Related to Interpersonal Skills Training

Present Yourself with more Clarity, Confidence and Impact!

If you are some who is tied down or stuck by shyness and fear during meetings or other crucial interactions, my confidence coaching sessions will help you have more engaging conversations and gain confidence you truly desire.

Get Promoted to the Next Right Career Position Quickly

Most of the clients I speak with are ambitious people who are either waiting for promotion for a long time or they have been passed over for promotion despite stellar performance results. Either they can’t demonstrate a powerful presence, or they are just drowning in work load with no strategy to make others realise their worth. 

That is why I offer Interpersonal Effectiveness Program along with customised Career Coaching sessions to help you build more credibility, visibility and respect. 

Lead with Compassion and Collaboration

Whether you are an experienced leader or you are not a leader yet, you can improve your leadership skills to get others to willingly cooperate and engage. In fact, it is in your best interest that you start cultivating leadership soft skills as soon as possible! 

So I bring in Interpersonal Effectiveness Program with Leadership Coaching to enable you to connect authentically, be taken seriously, and inspire trust in all situations.


Gain Confidence to Crack Interviews Successfully

Handling interview is all about demonstrating your personal brand and influencing others through your presence and communication.

Therefore, I combine Interpersonal Effectiveness Program with my Interview Coaching to empower you with tips on selling your skills and competencies, and managing your nerves during an interview.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Interpersonal Skills Training involve?

Rather than just interpersonal skills training, I bring in expert consultancy and hand-holding support to help you accomplish your goals, needs and aspirations quickly. 

This course is custom designed to help you achieve more success in the workplace through the art and science of advanced communication and interpersonal skills.

Typically I will flex between coaching and training depending on your goals, your preferred way of working, and what stage of learning you are at.

I will provide you with Behaviour Science-based proven tools and techniques to improve your communication, persuasion, inter-personal interactions, presentations, emotional control, and presence. And wherever you’re lacking in skills or motivation, I will use the efficient framework of coaching and feedback to ensure that you bridge the knowing-and-doing gap, utilise success mindset, and develop useful habits.

My work as a coach is centred around enabling you to conquer unwarranted doubts, eliminate nervous energy, build positive body language, and develop lifelong self-esteem.

My step-by-step approach will lead you to better relation­ships and multiple success in different areas of life.


You will thus benefit immensely from the course content as well as coaching support tailored specifically to YOUR challenge.

To request information on the structure and content of the programme, please get in touch through the contact form at the bottom of the page.

When and where will the training take place?

The soft skills training will happen online, preferably via Zoom or Skype. I am available to train online during the day Monday to Saturday, as well as some late evenings on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

The learning path includes two 45 minute interactive learning session per week for complete 3 months. And all the sessions will be personally tailored and focussed to your self-development needs and aspirations.

What is expected of me as a participant?

Throughout the training programme, I will offer you insights, tips, and detailed and honest feedback.

Like many things in life, the results you get will be determined by your own commitment and what you put in.

So, I encourage you to aim high and proceed with a touch of discipline and honesty and openness to get the very best from this programme.

Why should I enroll in this course?

My Soft Skills training course brings together my experience in Human Resources, Training and Development, Executive Coaching, and Career Consulting to offer a flexible yet structured career-enhancing programme.

This training addresses the real-life challenges of the corporate workplace like navigating political waters, effectively managing unforeseen interactions, and developing preeminent communications skills. It is designed to equip High Potentials to advance to the next level, and address the complexities of managerial roles effortlessly.








How can online Interpersonal Skills Course help me?

In the past, the online soft skills course has helped participants in getting an edge over the competition, navigating the office politics, asking a raise, handling difficult conversations effortlessly, managing emotions and emotional reactions, eliminating self-doubts, managing desired reputation, and much more…
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