Hi, I am

Swati Khede

If you asked me 14 years ago, ‘would you like your life to be a brilliant and wonderful experience both for you and those around you?’, I would have answered a loud and clear ‘yes’.

Then, if you had probed further about how I intended to make this happen, I probably would have mumbled that ‘I do not know’.

But I’ve learnt a lot over all these years, and my purpose now is crystal-clear.

In the year 2017, after almost 10 years of working in Training & Human Resources, I followed my dream of becoming an Executive Coach. And now I offer a range of impactful, high-value learning and development experiences that enable the Executives and Managers at all levels to – 

  • maximise confidence and develop an authentic presence, 
  • improve people handling skills and build better relationships,
  • define and refine personal strengths and leadership potential,
  • excel and reach the next level in career quickly.

My experience of working in Human Resources has taught me that the strategic use of inter-personal skills enables managers to improve work environment and keep up the team’s morale and motivation. The deadlines don’t stretch, and handling team issues doesn’t feel like solving a Rubik’s Cube.

Therefore, I am committed to helping aspiring and experienced managers overcome the shortcomings and multiply their people skills so they can accelerate the process of achieving more success in their career. 

I have been incredibly fortunate in my career and life to have many people take an interest in the work I do.

Here’s a glimpse of my licenses, and certifications-

Alongside training and coaching, I am passionate about sharing high-value, insightful resources on personal development and career advancement.

My articles are aimed at addressing some of the common career questions and challenges I hear about leading team(s) efficiently, getting promoted quickly, achieving career goals faster, managing work stress effectively, landing a job at a great company, and attaining true work-life integration.

Please read my blog and share the articles with people in your circle and your team you think might benefit.